LASER GAME- Overview

Khet has been replaced by Laser Chess.

Khet is like Chess but with frickin' lasers. Seriously. This awesome Egyptian-themed strategy game uses real lasers (don't worry, they're eye safe) as your mechanism for capturing your opponent's pieces.

On each turn, you can rotate or move one of your pieces to improve the path of your laser. The keys to your strategy are the mirrored pieces which deflect the laser at 90-degree angles. Use both your opponent's and your own mirrored pieces to hit their Pharaoh and win the game!

Designed for ages 9+. Batteries for the two lasers are included.

Features & specs

  • Uses real lasers (eye safe)

  • Batteries included (CR2032 coin battery)

  • Toy of the Year Finalist

  • Ages 9+

  • Dimensions (packaging / carrying case): 15" x 12" x 2.5"

·         Intense strategy + lasers = fun!

  • Many of the pieces in Khet are mirrored and will alter the path of the laser by 90 degrees. Bounce the laser off your pieces as well as your opponent's in order to inflict maximum damage.

  • Please note that your Sphinx (the piece that fires the laser) cannot be moved from its starting position in the corner of the board. However, you can rotate it 90 degrees. Thus, when evaluating your opponent's moves, be aware that they may be setting up a strategy based upon a different firing direction for their

Easy to learn how to play!

With lasers, mirrors, and pieces named Scarab and Anubis, you may think Khet is some kind of nerds-only game. Not true! Khet is for anyone who loves a challenging game with lasers!

Khet is a two player game. Each side has five different types of pieces: Sphinx, Pyramid, Scarab, Anubis, and Pharaoh.

Here's a quick breakdown of some of the rules:

  • The Sphinx fires your laser. It can't be taken. It can't be moved, but it can be rotated.

  • Pyramids will deflect the laser 90 degrees.

  • Scarabs can swap positions with other pieces and deflect the laser 90 degrees.

  • The Anubis is impervious to laser hits from the front. Use the Anubis strategically.

  • The Pharaoh is your King. Protect him and pursue your opponent's at all costs!

·         Move a piece and then fire your laser

  • In the picture below, the red player has moved one of his pyramids to an adjacent square. At the end of every move, you must fire your laser. Once you fire the laser, your turn is over. Thus, you can't "peek" to determine the path of the laser.

  • In the setup below, the red player has moved one of his red pyramids which results in the laser harmlessly hitting the front of his Anubis. Remember, they are impervious to hits to the front.

·         Strike a mirrored piece on its side to destroy it

  • The gray player has moved one of his pyramids in order to deflect the laser into the side of one of the red player's pyramids. This piece is now removed from the board.

·         You can also rotate a piece

  • The red player's earlier move has paid off! By rotating his Scarab 90 degrees, he has destroyed his opponent's Pharaoh and won the game!

·         New! Beamsplitter Expansion Pack!

  • The Eye of Horus Beam Splitter expansion pack increases the complexity of Khet 2.0 dramatically. The semi-transparent mirror splits your Sphinx's laser beam in two. Half of the light continues straight through the mirror while the remainder turns ninety degrees.

  • Because the expansion set includes one Eye of Horus Beam Splitter for each opponent, play can conceivably include up to three different laser beams. Check out the video below for more information.